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To repair your ship you need to collect all the gears scattered throughout the level. You will advance to another level when all the gears have been collected.

Several types of weapons are available for fighting the robot.

  • Tommy-gun - Reliable and light, a perfect weapon for both long and close range. Unfortunately, it won’t penetrate the battle robots’ armor, but it works well against the simpler robots at elementary levels. You’re better off using the pump to fight the zombo-robots.
  • Pump – A powerful weapon designed for long distances. A word of caution: The pump tears robots asunder, and,like shrapnel, their hurled fragments can damage your space suit. Use the pump to fight the battle robots with mediumarmour, and zombo-robots.
  • Refrigerant - a mass freezing weapon developed to defeat all robots, with any kind of armor, except bosses. It freezes and immobilizes the robots immediately, and makes them brittle and thus more vulnerable.
  • Flame gun. - the most powerful mass destruction weapon around. Use it to annihilate big crowds of robots,as well as robot-bosses. Enjoy the power of flame in your hands.
  • Fist – a mortal, close-combat weapon. Your space suit is as strong as an elevator; thus, you can easily break through the simple robots’ armor.

Tips & Tricks.

  • Beware of explosions - the shock wave is very dangerous.
  • Drop something heavy onto a robot’s head - it will crush him.
  • Build a makeshift staircaseby assembling boxes in order to climb higher.
  • The zombo-robots have a good sense of smell – never get too close to them.
  • The other robots won’t find you if you hide or hug the ground.
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