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From Captain Hiz’s log:

“Horrid iron monsters have surrounded me - yesterday I finished the last of my provisions, leaving me no choice but to force my way through the rusty brutes. I still have hope that I will find all the necessary components to repair the ship. Bravery: that is all that can save me.”

You are Space Captain Hiz. Your ship has crashlanded on a strange and deserted world devoid of life forms but swarming with robots. You must undergo many severe trials and win numerous courageous victories before you can leave this gloomy and forsaken landscape. Towering robot soldiers guard their territory, blue-hulled robots wander throughout the destroyed cities, and killer robots ruthlessly attack any form of organic life.

Yes, your trials are brutal, but aid is within reach: Strewn among the rubble are various weapons and artifacts capable of annihilating the iron hordes.

Good luck, Captain!

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