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To enter the ball into the game, use a slide arm designed as a spring in a real gun. The more you pull back the spring the faster the ball moves. All is real. The flying camera follows the ball and zooms the most interesting situations for a player. The camera has the “live” and “fixed” modes. The fixed mode is used for observing the table immovably.

The first place where the ball is most likely to get is the Bar. There you will receive your first mission. To perform you mission, you need to move your ball though all the checkpoints. The checkpoints are placed on the table randomly; each mission has its unique checkpoint.

A large electronic display is also placed over the table which shows the scores a player currently has, a number of lives and funny animations which symbolise the key moments, such as mission receipt, discovery of secret lands or death. The display is designed as a real pintable.

The game locations are various. Just visit an Indian village or rob a bank and disappear with money. It is high time now to discover one more peculiarity of our pinball - tilting of the table. Don't forget that this is a real Pinball Simulator You may shake you iPhone and push the ball but you also risk breaking your gun. So take care! Tilting is dangerous but still useful J. For example, try to shake the table when being in the bank - it may significantly raise your chances to escape with a fortune through the backdoor. And what about making a good haul in the golden mine and escaping in the train? You don't want to share the treasure with Dirty Garry? So do demand satisfaction! This mini-game allows shooting at Dirty Garry's stencil moving out of the golden mine. You can direct your shoot by pressing the table on the right or left side of the ball.

The number of Fan Club exceeds three million people. Are you ready to combat with the aces of aces? So go ahead! If you lose you can publish your results in the world record table. This may spice you up! While playing you can see only the first fifteen places of the world records, next records may be found on the website.

Wild West Pinball is the unique game which discovers your device in full. This is your real pocket pinball.

Have a Good Luck and Welcome to the Wild West!

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