• Wild West Pinball

  • Wild West Pinball
  • MacWorld rating


  • This game has ranked among the Top Software.
  • One in every ten iPhone/iPod Touch owner worldwide has played this game.
  • This is one of the few games realizing the full potential of your iTouch device.
  • Wild West Pinball has accumulated a large following of fans participating in discussions on YouTube, Twitter, and forums since 2009.
  • We’ve received many grateful comments from fans regarding the low price of $.99 being well below the game’s actual level of quality.

About the game in detail:

Wild West Pinball is an innovative 3D pinball simulator for the iPhone/iTouch platform, evoking the lawless days of the American Wild West with bank and train robberies, a saloon, a county jail, a wily stagecoach bandit, an Indian village, and a gunslinging showdown with quickdraw Dirty Harry.

Western music with slide guitar and harmonicas heralds your arrival into the anarchical world of cowboys and Indians, outlaws and sheriffs. If your tastes run on the heavy side, you can substitute a track from your own iPod playlist.

Upon launching the game, you’ll see the main menu – a 3D fly-over view of the table with prompts overlaid. Slide the screen to the right to view your own scores, as well as a global high scores list; slide it to the left to start your game or read the latest news updates from Gameprom.

So welcome to the Wild West. May you shoot straight and never get caught!

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