• Jungle Style Pinball

  • Jungle Style Pinball
  • slidetoplay 4+


You’re on the hunt for treasures hidden in the jungle by Indians in an abandoned temple. Many a man has tried to seize this treasure, and many have paid with their lives – the jungle is not the friendliest of places, yet it teems with mystery and adventure. Prove your wit by unlocking the golden ball. Outsmart a cunning shaman. Test your mettle in battle against a thundering giant ape. Escape ensnarement from the trap that lies in wait for you. Keep yourself alive to prolong the ecstacy of adventure. The jungle is calling – go now!

If you’ve got the skills, the sky’s the limit. Rack up the points with multiball and thehardwongolden ball, with more weight and a wider diameter. Avoid meeting your maker in deadly pitfalls and keep on the lookout for tricks to activate lifesavers. Seek keys using hints that light up along your path – they will rotate the rings of the labyrinth, helping your chances to unleash the mighty golden ball. Try your luck at an inlane-triggered slot machine and you may activate a ball-saving stopper, multiball, or the frenetic Pinball Madness which traps you with an arched row of targets. Plunder the temple of its lost treasures, like taking candy from a baby. Well… a dangerous baby. Compete and compare high scores with other treasure seekers all over the world on the global high scores table. With its fast 3D graphics and realistic physics, this game will blow your mind. All table parts work like realistic physical components and you can see how they operate!

Leap headlong into the jungle-themed environment, set to a soundtrack of drums and chants, and boiling over with fun and excitement – and don’t forget your insect repellent.

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