• The Deep Pinball

  • The Deep Pinball
  • Iphone apps plus award
  • MacWorld rating


  • One more masterpiece in the line of professional 3-D pinball simulators from Gameprom!
  • The game which reached the top charts within the first day of sale.
  • The most desirable game of summer 2009.



We managed to surprise the fans who used to believe that Wild West Pinball was the top of our pinball creativeness. The Deep Pinball is two steps ahead from all kinds of pinball that have ever been installed in the mobile devices. You can check this with only USD 0.99.

Now a player steers a fantastic submarine and discovers a mysterious undersea world. A deadly fight with a shark, drowned ships, undersea tunnels and chest with treasure are waiting for you!

Here you are not alone. Your submarine is equipped with the unique board computer which you can use in order to complete a mission by mission. You will never get lost in the undersea world.

As usual, there are the 3-D graphics, the camera with two modes (“live” and “fixed”), real sounds, an extraordinary soundtrack, and the voice and the voice prompts. Thus, a player may comment the events on your behalf and the board computer leads you through the key points by the voice.

And of course, you can always see the world record table and Gameprom's breaking news.

The Deep Pinball is the worthy addition to your mobile pinball collection. This will certainly provide you with the unforgettable leisure.

Welcome to the deep, to The Deep Pinball!

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