Pinball HD


1. I’m annoyed by the voice acting at The Deep Pinball. How can I deactivate it?

Enter the Game Settings, find the Voices option and set it to OFF.

2. The screen picture is doubled/blurry/off-color.

Most likely, the stereoscopic imaging mode is activated. Please go to the Game Settings, find the Stereoscopic Imaging option, and set it to ‘none’.

3. How can I activate the accelerometer-controlled camera tilt?

Go to the Game Settings menu, find the Camera Tilt option and set it to ON.

4. How do I select the another table?

On the level selection screen, touch the middle of the screen and swipe a level up or down to go to another.

5. How can I shake the table?

To shake the table you have to shake your iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android device. The direction and strength of shake don’t really matter, as they are not taken into account. Be careful, as only 4 shakes in a row are permitted before the table TILTs. To prevent this, a special alarm is given after which you need to wait a while to reset the shake counter. It’s not that difficult to release the ball from under the flipper if the table is properly shaken. You may also keep the ball in the Bank (Wild West, Pinball HD) and on the Sunken Ship (The Deep, Pinball HD) for a longer time by shaking the table.

6. My ball (balls) got stuck in the table mechanics during the game and I can’t play anymore. What should I do?

This is no error; this occurs as in real-life pinball tables, since we simulate the true physics of the table. In order to release the ball you need to shake the table. See how to do this in the question #5 above.

7. I inadvertently/deliberately uninstalled all my applications including your games. Can I get them now for free?

Sure you can, but only if you install them from the same user profile which these games were purchased for.

8. I have an older Mac computer and it can't run your games. Will you support the older hardware?

As much as we like to make our games available to everybody, we only support Mac OS X version 10.6.6 and later.


9. The game doesn’t launch: I press the game’s icon, a logo is shown, and I get back to the desktop.

Unfortunately this problem is caused by iPhoneOS 3.2 itself with memory leakage occurring each time you use any application. Therefore, when Pinball HD is launched a memory shortage may occur which leads to the application closing and exit to the desktop. As a solution, the Apple Company recommends restarting your iPad from time to time, to clean the memory from leakages until a system update with the respective patch is released.

10. I want to listen to music from my iPod instead of the default music as I play the game.

First go to the Game Settings, find the ‘In-Game Music’ option and set it to ‘iPod’. Turn on your favorite music and launch the game.

11. I’ve installed the game from the AppStore but it doesn’t launch. I want my money back!

Unfortunately it happens, yet quite rarely. We cannot help you in this case as the processes of installation, deinstallation and purchase take place at the operating system level under control of the Apple Co. If you face such a problem, the most effective way to solve it is to address Apple’s Customer Service.

12. I purchased all your iPhone/iPod-compatible games and now want to get a free Pinball HD for iPad!

Thanks a lot for choosing our games but Pinball HD costs money, and even if wanted to give you this game as a gift, we couldn’t do that as it is sold via Apple Co.

13. What should I do if during installation or update the application froze on the setup stage?

It is necessary to restart the telephone (press the Power button and wait until the phone powers off).

14. I upgraded from a previous iOS version and my game isn't working!

This has happened with some users, and the simplest solution is to reinstall the game. If you obtain the game using the same user account, you should not be charged a second time.

15. I reinstalled Pinball HD and lost my in-app purchase! Will I have to pay for it again?

No – if you select "Buy", you may see a price, but when you continue, the market should realize that you've already purchased the game (the in-app purchase one) and you will not be charged for the download.


16. My Android version of Pinball HD doesn't install and I receive a message that it's 'not genuine'. How can I resolve this?

Although this is a matter to resolve with the market where you've purchased the game, we can offer some suggestions. One thing to try is starting the game with your Wi-Fi on, so that the purchase can be verified. If this fails, you can attempt reinstalling, which helps in some cases. If these both fail, we suggest that you contact the market where you purchased the game.

17. My Android version of Pinball HD crashes upon uploading my score.

The remedy is to download the latest update, which addresses this problem. If your problem persists, please contact us via our Contact Us page at with the Subject 'Bug Report'. Be sure to tell us what kind of device you are using, to help us address the issue quickly and specifically.

18. My Pinball HD is stuttering/hanging or having other video problems.

If you have uploaded the most recent update and are still experiencing this issue, please contact us via our Contact Us page at with the Subject 'Bug Report'. Be sure to tell us what kind of device you are using, to help us address the issue quickly and specifically. In some cases, certain devices' performance may be an issue. You can try improving your device's performance by turning off anti-aliasing.

19. I'm unable to download the game!

As much as we'd like to help, this is a matter to take up with the market from which you're purchasing the game. You can ensure that your connection is working properly, and if that isn't the problem, we suggest contacting their support.