Da Vinci Pinball

Answering the calls for another stellar pinball offering, Gameprom presents Da Vinci Pinball, a pinball monument to the intellectual wellspring of Leonardo! Stunning graphics paint a landscape of mysterious symbols and interactive machinery, all rendered in Gameprom's award-winning style and brought to life with our own physics engine, praised for its realism. Race along the pathways of knowledge to bring new discoveries to Mankind. Medieval weapons, elements of architecture and geometry, mechanical components, and Leonardo's tank and flying machine are all there to explore. Embark upon the journey of the Renaissance Mind with Da Vinci Pinball!


  • Game Center Achievements and Leaderboard
  • inventive mechanisms providing engaging and open-ended gameplay beautiful, high resolution color graphics (from the design team who received the 2010 Apple Design Award)
  • realistic physics and lifelike table operation
  • original soundtrack and voice
  • three camera views, each displaying the table in high resolution
  • 3D (anaglyph) stereographic capability
  • high quality audio with stereo pinball sounds
  • numerous unique and challenging missions
  • gameplay can follow a sequential plotline or be played spontaneously


  • Invent the Bicycle - hit three droptargets
  • The Path to Truth - pass along the accelerator and past the spinners to a hole pocket
  • Fire the Arbalest - activate the arbalet entry, then hit 4 droptargets in the sub-table arbalest minigame
  • Shoot the Cannon - hit all droptargets and enter the cannon
  • Multiball #1 - knock the balls free from their holes
  • Decode the Codex Minor - cross all lit symbols to illumine the Codex Minor
  • Multi-barreled Gun - land in the left hole pocket three times, then enter the accelerator
  • Release the Helicopter - pass through the mechanical dredge and hopper
  • Invent the Crane - send three balls into the crane trap
  • Decode the Codex Major - cross all lit symbols to illumine the Codex Major
  • Multiball #2 - knock the balls free from their holes
  • Construct the Flying Machine - pass over all lit symbols to light both Codices